Import FFF file and convert to astroprint slicer settings

Import FFF file and convert to astroprint slicer settings .

Can you clarify?

Are you talking about the RAW Image format?

If so, that makes no sense.

The astroprint slicer (or any slicer) cannot convert a RAW JPG into a 3D Printable file…

It must be a 3D Model in the format of a STL file :neutral_face:

I assume the OP is referring to a Simplify3D profile. And wanting to import directly as an Astroprint Cura settings profile.

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Ah! That makes more sense!

Unfortunately, not possible at the moment.

Good suggestion!

can this be made? as i want to upload my FFF files from CUra without having to sod about trying to input all my data from Cura, Octoprint does this, can you too?

Since this isn’t available, I am wondering if there is some recommendations on the Slicer settings for a Prusa i3 MK3S. I have yet to have a successful print using the cloud slicer. When I re-slice the project using my S3D settings (FFF file) and upload the gcode it works great, but I would really like to leverage the cloud slicer.

Any recommended settings for both PLA and PETG would be appreciated.