Info item on Astroprint and Astrobox printing screens

Not sure if this is already on the todo list (is there somewhere I can see a roadmap or planned feature list?)

I would like, in additions to some of the time info changes I have seen mentioned, an output of the Current Z position…yes I can multiply the layer and the layer height if I know it, but often I just want to quickly see how tall the current print is at the moment without looking up the Slice profile. When at home, in my case, I can see this on the printer panel but when I am away that is harder to do.

Next, I think a handy feature would be a box where I could specify a Hold layer or Z height, where the printer would pause and maybe even cool the extruders.

The use case is on occasion I print objects with embedded parts like a nut or bolt. Since prints take so long I might want to start this while away from the printer via AstroPrint but I would like for it to pause when I need to insert the hardware so when I return it is waiting for me. Now this needs to be an optional thing which is why putting it in the slicer or G-code is a bit of a pain. Sometimes I print the same object, say for mockup purposes, and do not embed the hardware so I would just have it print the entire job without stopping. The obvious current solution is two different slice files but hey I figured it would not hurt to ask…:slight_smile:

Both good suggestions not currently on our plans. We’re going to need an advanced UI pretty quickly it seems…

I think what is happening is the AstroPrint and AstroBox system is good for many reasons not just the original idea of simplified printing that moderate to higher level users like it too, and thus we start requesting all sorts of stuff.

You know maybe a separate version instead of an advanced UI switch is the way to go…like a Standard and Pro or Beta releases, this way the standard users see only the simple and clean interface and just get simply good prints with all the niceness of the traditional AstroPrint interface…Then there could be an alternative downloadable disk image for the more advanced users the advanced tech could trickle down as needed…kinda like the way Ford racing tech finds it’s way into everyday cars over time once it is perfected and dummy proofed.

Of course I am sure part of the problem would be finding time to actually code that more advanced stuff…:slight_smile: