Install Astroprint Desktop on rpi3

Is it possible to install AstroPrint Desktop on the Raspberry Pi 3? I am a teacher and I have three printers that I would like to control from a simple rpi powered workstation. Since I have limited resources I thought it may be easier to have one slicer on the rpi that students could use to send jobs to the different printers. I am working with junior high kids and I want to keep it simple. I also would not have internet access to the rpi or any other device I would use foe this purpose, which is why I was thinking AstroPrint Desktop would be a good choice. I already have the rpi and am very comfortable with Linux.

Interesting, it should be possible via the AppImage Linux build though the Pi might be underpowered for the desktop app.

Why not trying installing the Pi AstroBox image ( on that Pi and control the printer via the web interface at or the pi’s IP address.

I will try the AppImage, I just assumed it would not work on the ARM architecture. I would use AstroBox but I only have one Pi and no internet connection to the Pi.

Yes, sorry about that :frowning: forgot the different architecture. You’re right it won’t work.

If you can get the Pi to an ethernet cable, that could do for the AstroBox

I second the idea of a Pi…I just got it running on a Pi Zero. They’re cheap and have WiFi built in. Using it for elementary school aged kids to develope in TinkerCAD then send STL files to Astroprint for printing. Working like a charm. Good Luck.