Interface control of GPIO Pins

Up until now I have been using Octoprint, in my setup I have two commands built into the interface 1) to allow me to turn ON my printer using a relay board connected to the GPIO pins and a second command 2) to allow me to turn on LEDs (also via the relay board). I like the look of astroprint and am wondering if this sort of integration is ALSO possible in astroprint? Thanks! :slight_smile:


It’s in our plan to allow user-created apps and plugins. We need a little more time though.

It’s coming but probably not before 2-3 months. When the app framework is ready though, these are exactly the types of things we’re looking for :smile:

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Hey wondering if there’s been any work on this yet??

Any one found a workaround for this?

This topic is a little bit old. Its this feature already implemented?

Any chance this is implemented?

I started using Astroprint and it’s great!
A power shutdown command like in Octroprint would be a very nice extra feature in Astroprint, is there any information when it will be implemented?
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