Internal Files list issue

Since the latest update (.16) i noticed the time and date was way out so i re set it. Now on my Astrobox when i upload a file it gets placed at the bottom of the internal files list before the oldest file.

There are no controls to view by date or file name. Any ideas how to change this??

just added another file and if you look at the time stamps … Weird


It’s going to depend on the time/date that your box has configured. If your box is not connected to the internet it’s likely that the time is wrong because raspberry pi’s don’t have a battery and the time/date is reset everytime it boots.

The order currently is on “last print” not last uploaded.

Yeah the time and date were way out. It wasn’t auto updating by ntp.
Can I ask that there is a feature added to allow ordering by date, alphabetical, or last print ?

Yes, we will add this when we take on work on that part of the UI.