IOS and Android App?


So I’m just thinking. Wouldn’t this be a great thing to have like the Octoprint app? Personally when I used octoprint I liked having an app for it instead of looking it up. Is that on a list of things astroprint is going to do or will an astroprint app not come?


Yup. I agree. Great idea. Also, it’s “in the plans”. No ETA though.

(Double quotes indicates the challenges of properly allocating our limited resources) :smile:

Although, The AstroPrint dashboard pretty much looks like an APP on the phone (minus features like push notifications etc… of course).

Stay tuned @Ethan :slightly_smiling:



One thing that wouldn’t be hard to implement would be Chrome notifications. I know Facebook and gmail has used this (and many more, I’m sure) to notify people in the corner of their desktop, or as a push notification on mobile. Heres a link to the API:
I have gone through the documentation, and it doesn’t look that complicated to put in for Astroprint, heres a link to a JSFiddle of it in action:


@Charlie_Melidosian Take a look at that would let you connect astroprint’s complete print emails to a variety of things.


AstroPrint Mobile App for Android & iOS already exists

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