Is a filament sensor in progress?

I use my astroboxes to run a print farm. One major issue I struggle with is running out of filament during prints. It would be fantastic if there was an astroprint integrated usb sensor option that would pause or stop the print but allow us to reload filament and continue it again. I would think this would not be all that difficult to implement to the current system? Personally i’d be willing to pay for a sensor for each of my machines if this were an available option. I know it has been mentioned on these forums in the past, is any current progress being made on this or is it a maybe someday thing?

Guess not, not like astroprint wants to develop anything or make money at this point.

@Jonathan_Jelkin I understand you might see it that way because this one feature you requested isn’t a priority at the moment. We are building a lot but we can’t build everything for everybody at the same time unfortunately.