Is it possiblento recover a print via gcode on astrobox?

So i had a loooong print. When i woke up it was headless and printing nothing but going thru motuons in air because it looks like the filament got jammed or stripped during retraction.

This was on my astrobox attached to my Tevo Little Monster.

Is there any way i can use the ol’ trick of measuring whats printed and editing a gcode file and rerunning it to pick up from the failure?

How do i get the parsed (via the astrocloud) gcode to edit it, etc?

Tips or am i screwed and just have to start over? (crying)


You can download the gcode generated via the astroprint cloud. Find you print file in the files app and to the right there’s a round button with 3 dots. There you have a download option.

You can edit that file and re-upload to the printer. this is no easy feat though… You would need to remove all start gcode, find the place where it died and cut all code before it but re-adding the temperate gcodes…

Ah… I missed that download option… Thanks!

Ok, well i thought about it a few hours after posting that and figured the chances of me being able to do it was slim. So I started over, but I was crying inside.

Maybe ill practice this reacue trick in the future but right now I just wanted my print. Down to 12 more hours and watching it like a hawk. I dont need any sleep tonight! Hahaha…

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Good Luck :cold_sweat: