Is there a walkthrough for the new print later/print queues?


I’m excited to see the new Print Queues option, I tried playing with it but don’t really understand how its supposed to work. Is there a help file or walk through some where that explains how to use it?


It was a bit confusing to me too. Go to the file manager and select an stl or print file, or upload an stl file. Choose PRINT NOW (a bit confusion why they didn’t add another option like “Print Later” in that popup or change the wording to just Print). It will then present you with two options, Print Later, and Add to Queue. I am still not sure what Add to Queue does, but Print Later adds the file to the Queue. There is also a number and arrows to increase or decrease that number next to the Add to Queue button, but I also can’t figure out what that does either. Switch to your Print Queue screen and you should see your job in the Queue now.


HAHA thanks, all of your “i don’t know what that does” points are the same as mine. I sent it through the print later thing but it was basically the same as just saying print now… so i’m a bit confused.


There’s a few things to iron out obviously. I’m not sure if this page that will be presented to new users helps:

We’re going to get better guidance too and a video up soon


Stoked to see the progress Daniel, i’ll check out that page. I see it says that an idle printer will pickup the next job in the que. How does it know the bed is clear though? Or do you still need to manually confirm to begin printing?


You would need to do one click to get the next print job going but it would already be sliced and ready to go.


Think this will be available for use with uploaded gcode and x3g files as well? I usually slice with Simplify3D and then use my astroboxes to control the printers and monitor.


@Chris_Ragucci yes, we are going to add print file upload to the cloud during the next couple of months.