Is this still work with octoprint

ive been working at this for hours and came to many road blocks. possible from frustration. From my knowledge to is no such thing as plugin manager anymore. well there is but its not for plug ins. it talks about opening setting but octoprint has no setting. its just a folder. my octoprint is install on my raspberry pi and I set up desktop on there. there are no instruction on what folder to install this in to my octoprint folder and no instruction linking my astro account to my octoprint. the old plugin manager is like plug in repository and typing AstroPrint on there only send my astro git download page but again. there are no instruction on installing this as a plug in to octoprint. please help cuz im searching a million things and none help.

so far im realizing I have to download it on my raspberry then download desktop. then octoprint download on my laptop but in order to do that. I need python which some how is already in my raspberry. but in order to download python. I need to download home-brew. and after that I can download AstroPrint. then I need to find my access code. put that some where. find my IP address reconfigure that then go to WAN setting (which doesnt exist for Raspberry) and then they to figure what else after missing after I download the app on my phone. is that it?

The plugin is only compatible with the rasperry pi. If you octoprint installation is on a computer, it might not work.