It's great to be back!

I originally used Astroprint for about 2 years and then switched to Repetier for a while to use the Pi 7" screens, even buying a Pro license. Due to a few issues I’ve come back to Astroprint and boy do I now realise how much I missed it.

Seemless integration across desktop and mobile and the Astroprint mobile app is the icing on the cake. Now looking forward to ABT licenses so I may be able to make use of the Pi screens :grinning:

Thanks Astroprint team.


Welcome back @Neil :heart: :slight_smile: :pray:

On a train to London and being able to check on a print, on any of my printers, with a single click and beautiful UI is just heaven. And no more bothering the wife to ask if the print is all good :slight_smile:


Can we quote you on this? :slight_smile:

Of course. I’ve used Astroprint, Octoprint and Repetier on multiple printers for many years. There’s a reason I always come back :grinning:. For good this time. I’m renewing the monthly sub :+1:

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