Layer Notification?

I am probably going to be upgrading my primary CR10 to dual extrusion in the near future (or maybe consider the Palette2) but in the meantime I’d like the ability to set a notification or an autopause in AstroPrint when a print has hit a certain layer.

For example: You are printing a placard with raised lettering or logos and would like the elevated letters to stand out from the background by being a different color. You know that the sliced .gcode changes from the background to the raised letters between layer 28 and layer 29.

My idea is that the AstroPrint would either automatically pause and/or send a push notification at this point so that I can change filament colors for the remainder of the print.

Am I missing this feature somewhere or is this just wishful thinking?



This feature has been raised before and it will be done but we have a few other things first.

That’s great news. Thanks!