Layer Shift After Resuming from Pause


I have a MakerGear M2 Rev. E and every time i pause a print it pauses correctly then after i hit resume it resumes fine except that it shifts or actually prints the rest of the file a fraction of a millimeter bigger since i can see the rest of the file bigger all around from the point it paused all the way up to the end, i thought it was a shift but now that i think about it it looks larger all around the print, not just on certain sides like a shift would look, i appreciate your help.


Some printers are not able to do this right. The software first saves the position the print was when the pause starts and then it sends a command to return to that point before resuming the print. However keep in mind that the mechanics might not be able to obey that order to the very exact physical point though the printer “thinks” it does.