Layer Shift Issues


I have two astroboxes set up for our printers. We have a Prusa i3 MK3 & a Creality CR10 S4. I am getting layer shift issues about once a month. When it does happen it seems to happen twice in a row. I have had to resort to using SD cards instead of my Astrobox sometimes to fix the issue. The layer shift seems to happen most often in the X Axis. I have had this issue on both my CR10 & i3.

My astroboxes are both connected to the network via CAT5 Cables. They are both powered by a battery backup.

Pictures of the shifting issues here:


I’m having a hard time understanding how the software can produce such big shift unless the printer is missing some commands at critical time. The only way to know this is by logging and inspecting the comms between the box and the pritner.

Could you enable and send serial logs to us when this happens again. Please clear logs before every print so we have only the relevant print the logs otherwise it will be become too much info.

Here’s some info about how to get and send logs:


Thanks for the reply Daniel. I will make sure to get that set up if we see this issue again.