Lightdm errors - can't get a gui to run

I just wanted to get to a gui I tried startx no beans. I then went to bang my head on lightdm.

I flashed astroprint gateway to the sd card. I can get into the pi fine but I can not get lightdm to run.

I tried:
installing lightdm
installing xorg
installing lxde
apt-get upgrade
apt-get -f
I then installed account services. I still can’t get it to run though.

The AstroBox Gateway does not support a GUI on the screen. It needs to be accessed via a web browser using its API address. Take a look at the AstroBox Touch image for a product that uses a touchscreen:

Thanks - I was trying to follow a diff guide - I wanted to do some work on the pi and also run astro. I got it all working in the end thanks!

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Awesome @Alexis_McDermott !