Live Video Streaming, Raspberry Pi 3 Support & AstroBox v0.9(0) is out!

Hey guys!

Exciting day! :smile:

Live Video Streaming is officially out along with Raspberry Pi 3 support in the latest v0.9(0) release.

You can read about the release on our blog.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss anything related to the latest v0.9(0) release. The good, the bad, the ugly – any suggestions for improvement etc. are all fair game.

Thanks again for using AstroPrint! :smile:
We love you! :blush:

my (.8)8 Pi2 based astrobox is unable to complete update…tried twice and tried immediately after a reboot.

Error occurs right at the install. download completes dependency check complete, update check completed I think then it says installing I think just before it tells me it failed.

Log file set…much to go on.

Looking into it. Your logs shows that there’s a dependency missing. We have preliminarily removed the 0.9(0) from the update server while we investigate this.

Do you remember which version you had before you updated to 0.8(8)?

Flashing a new image with 0.9(0) on your pi works fine.

What does the word Flashing mean?

We have instructions in the links here:


Flashing is synonymous with Installing.

So, to Flash an image into your Raspberry Pi is the same as saying Install an image into your Raspberry Pi :wink:

*An Astrobox Image is essentially a customized operating system built specifically for the Raspberry Pi board.

Hope that’s somewhat clearer!

I update regularly so I have always had the latest official release…

I believe this box started with the .8(6) release as it’s base program.

Hello Everyone
Can i use Raspberry pi built in wifi and LAN cable to wirelessly connect my 3D printer without using extra WIFI dongle ?

The LAN cable usually works fine…using internal wifi I do not think is supported officially but I think it can be made to work…It is helpful to first get the LAN setup working then migrate to the unsupported wifi…The dongle makes it easier to use the default setup process which when it works is simple and easy to do.

You can but the hotspot won’t be created. You would need to use a wired connection, get the box’s IP address and using its web UI, connect it to the wifi.

The extra dongle is only needed for initial setup and convenience.