Logitech C270 and Several other problem


I’m testing out astro print. very nice interface and easy to use. I’m currently having two problem.

Here is my current set up
Astro Print .10(3)
Connect Via Wifi
Raspberry Pi 3 Mobel B
Flash Forge Creator Pro 2016 (latest Version)
S3D as the slicer

I can’t seem to get Astro Print to see the second extruder (left side). In the profile setting i already indicated that my printer has 2 extruder, but i cant seem to be able to control the second extruder whatsoever. It doesn’t show up in the preview screen.

Also I’m unable to get the logitech to work in 720p. It seems to work just fine in 640, but the picture is terrible. I have used all browser to test.

When looking trying to view the printing all i get is heating up, but the printer has already started to print. all i can see is the bed temp and the video stream freeze and cant see the actual extruder.

Thanks for the help

e temp of the current extruder.


The camera problem with C270 in 720p is already been reported and we’re looking into it. (Please send your logs via the advanced settings section)

The other problems you mentioned are known and are due to limited support for dual extruders. We’re working on this but, at the moment the UI assumes only 1 extruder. This is the reason heating up is not being removed and the nozzle is not reporting temp.

We do allow you to print a dual extruder GCODE but the UI is currently not supporting this.


Any news on support for C270 720p?


hello. i’ve just bought C270. i’m with the last version of astro and can’t use more 640 resolution. i’m sorry if the answer was already posted on the forum, but i’m new user and i’m french i don’t speak very well. thanks very much at dev for this amazing software.