Long Prints Randomly Stop

Several time lately with Astrobox 20.4, the print stops unexpectedly after an hour or two. I can click pause and then resume and it starts again and finishes the print. This never happens on the many shorter prints I’ve made, for which the total printing time is much longer than these few long prints, so I don’t think it’s a random communication problem.

That said, I’ve tried a shorter USB cable which hasn’t helped. I’m using a modern RPi 4 with a 3A power supply, which I think is sufficient.

Any other suggestions what I can look at?

If you’re using the gcode experimental driver for your astrobox connection, don’t. It can cause this behavior in some cases.

If you’re not, collect some serial logs of the issue and open a support ticket.

I’m not using the gcode experimental driver although I did just update to the beta channel to see if that helps. I’ll turn on serial logging next time I do a very long print although it may take 2 or 3 hours of logging to capture the issue, if it happens at all. Will be a massive log I suppose. Thanks.

Cool. Please create a support ticket for this once you have the logs.