Make a Perfect TimeLapse

Is there a way to make the extruder move to origin to do a timelapse like the OctoPrint plugin? 2 ideas occur to me… on Prusa Slicer make this:

Captura de pantalla 2020-04-07 a las 18.04.00

But I don’t know if automatically will do a TimeLapse, or know the exactly moment when AstroPrint take a photo when I select on Timelapse: each layer, is it before the layer starts? or at the middle?

What do you think? Thanks

AstroPrint will take a photo when it receives the M240

So, the best solution is write this gcode before each new layer and in astroprint select make a pic on each layer?

No, you don’t have to select any option in the timelapse. When the gcode is seen, a timelapse will start automatically AND only store photos taken when instructed by the GCODE.

If you select that option, it will also take photos when the system detects a layer change in addition to the ones via the M240 command