Manual Fan on/off during print


being able to to manually turn the fan on or off during the print. Right now I can only control the fan when the printer is not printing.


Ditto to that. I’ve had the same issue lately, for some reason simplify3d kept turning on the fan before a print started making the hot end take forever to heat up. I’ve now added a kine to my startup code tat makes sure the fan is off before anything starts.


I’d like a fan speed slider…and I second or third the need to adjust things during the print.


Also be able to change the speed % in-print would be a great feature


after having the printer stop because of the fan bouncing back and cooling the head during a large flat surface of the OpenRC chassie, I realized that this fan slider idea would be awesome… Any hope to see it in future builds? I was printing gcode directly to the printer, so now I have to go back into Cura and look for a setting or manually hack up the gcode. Fan slider % would be awesome just like we can change the print temps during print.