Mark Bed as Clean should be optional

Wonder why my Prusas do not have the option to turn this feature off in Settings, Profile. I too find this a right pain. In 6 years + using Astroprint I have never once forgotten to prepare the bed so I find this feature completely useless. I’m not a noob.

?? I see it for both my Prusa Mk3S and my Prusa Mini profiles. Did you update your Astrobox(es) recently? It came with one of the recent updates.

Yep, both fully up to date. Very odd. I will try and force another update.

I’m using the TouchUI builds. I wonder if that is requiring a further update to expose that setting option.

Ive just installed the beta version 0.21 and it now shows. Awesome, thanks Daniel.

thank you, i hate this feature.

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Would be great to roll this out in an official release… don’t really want to go load beta versions on all my boxes.

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Please make it optional. It just makes the experience worse for me.