Mark Bed as Clean should be optional

The latest firmware introduced the Mark Bed as Clean step before a print. I can see why this may be useful for some forgetful people but I found it an unnecessary step forced on my workflow. At least I would like to see this be optional, i.e., there should be some preference setting to turn it off and on.

EDIT: To elaborate… Within Astroprint, it’s not a big deal, just an extra click. However, I frequently print from PrusaSlicer directly through Astroprint, instead of loading the gcode file into Astroprint. At which point the file upload from Prusaslicer to the Astrobox fails because it shows as “Not ready” (waiting to be marked clean) in Astroprint.

Thanks for considering.


I meant to say “I print from PrusaSlicer directly to the Astrobox…”

I agree, make it optional.

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I also agree, this is really bad for my use pattern.

You mean its not?

How could it not be?. Now everytime I want to print, I need to go to AstroPrint and mark the bed as clean before I print though Cura. Really annoying.

I hope this is not some brand awareness thing, where I have to acknowledge the fact that I’m using Astroprint every time I want to print something.

This “feature” is really beginning to grate on me.

I’m currently printing many smaller jobs. I’m not wasting my time uploading the GCODE to Astrocloud, so I’m sending it directly from PrusaSlicer to my Astrobox. But every single time I first need to go into the Astroprint software to tell it that the bed is indeed clean.

I don’t know, many this feature is okay for a total noob but it really gets in the way and is very disruptive for anyone else.


I agree,

I’m not paying for AstroPrint. I think it’s too expensive for what I use it for. But as part of that, I try to minimise my usage of what would actually incur costs to them. IE the cloud component.

And now I’m forced to go into it everytime :frowning:

I have to second this…the extra step while meaningful is more often than not just that, an extra step.

Making this option say in the printer setup would be nice.

What would be even better…use the camera and maybe a photo taken as the previous print finished and when it started and use that with a current photo to make a good guess if the bed is not cleared…if not clear then present the dialog.

I always start with the bed in a specific position (bed at max Z, hotend centered), and the first layer always starts in a fixed position (bed very near hot end with end at 0,0) and the bed photo looks the same at both those points although they differ from each other. And for sure once a print is completed the picture looks totally different. If before the clear message was issued it compared the current bed picture to the start position (before it moves bed near hot end) then it could tell if the bed was clear. Alternately if it snapped a photo of the print as it is completed and compared that to the photo before the print starts it could probably tell if the bed has at least had the last print removed. I know image comparison is not a trivial task but it would be a cool feature.

Barring all that maybe just a picture of the bed now and a quick second click on print or clear bed button to continue would be handy…then when I am not standing at the printer I could see if the last user left the bed clear or not.


I agree. It’s really irritating. I’d love to be able to turn it off.

I noticed it has gotten a bit better because there seem to be more places to mark the bed as clean now. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if the effort that was needed to implement that couldn’t have been spent on creating a checkbox to turn this behavior off for good for those of us who don’t need it (or don’t care for it).

The Octoprint Plugin already has a way to disable this in its latest version and we’re expecting a new version of the AstroBox (v 0.21) to be released in the Beta channel which will include a way to disable it.

@Rainer_Fuchs, nothing is ever as easy as “creating a checkbox” :wink:

I know too well!

And glad to see you’re tackling it.

Its nice to see that this has been addressed. However the latest version of the plugin was released 11 days ago according to GitHub, and there is no mention of this in the release notes or in the pull request that was merged. Would it be possible in the future to actually include information in the release notes? That is usually where developers will put useful information such as bug-fixes and new features.

I’ve also had multiple times I think I started a print, only to come back an hour later and see it is waiting for me to click “bed is clear”.

Additionally the fact that the button to clear the bed doesn’t show up until after I’ve submitted a job means I can’t preemptively mark the bed as clear ahead of time, or after each job finishes.

You can find release 0.21(1) in the Beta release channel

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Great! Installed the new release right away.

Life is good again!

Apart from the fact that the thermistor on my Mk3S broke and I had to order a new one, but I guess I can’t blame Astroprint for that …

What have i missed,

I’v updated to the latest Beta FW and i see no option to disable the Clear bed option,

Iv rebooted and rebooted

Every time i try to print is say make sure it clear i hit the clear button but the printer disconnects !!! ahhhhh
Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 21.05.07

The option is in the printer profile section. Do you see it there?

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Under Settings/3D Printer/Profile.

Works as advertised!


What do they say about right in front of ya !!! hahaha yes all working now thanks all…

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