Minor issue (screen updates) in latest ABT update


I have not seen this before but sometimes when I hit print using the astrobox-Touch from the local web page (accessed from my Mac using safari) I get a quick spin like it Is going to start but then I am returned to the file manager screen…the ABT then seems to loose sync with the printer which has actually begun to heat up etc.

Clicking around eventually gets me to a screen saying I can either pause the print or takes me to the actual in progress print screen.

On a side note I continue to see the case where the Pi/Touch screen fails to update at some point and freezes mid print…I this kinda feels similar…Ike the underlying astrobox code is getting out of sync with the Touch and Web interfaces. The onscreen touch should be hard connected to the print driver as they run on the same system and I have moved to a full wired connection for my ABT so it can’t be the wifi…

Thanks for pushing your platform forward…need to check out some of the new features I see when I get the chance…:slight_smile:



We have some code in testing for the next release that aims to reinforce the communication layer between the UI and the underlying AstroBox service. This will hopefully solve the issues you’re seeing with UI being out-of-sync.


just updated to the latest greatest…I will let you know


Well sadly still having the out of sync issues…it is maybe a bit better now, in that while the ABT sometimes does show the print completed…next print I kick off via the computer doesn’t reset the ABT screen but continues to show print completed screen but filament usage continues to rise as the print proceeds. I have also now had my first failure to complete the print since the latest upgrades…I think the ABT just stalled…but this is the first time I have had that happen, usually just the interface freezes…

FWIW: I changed power supplies for the ABT to see if that would help but pretty much no change and I think the supplies I have are plenty good (2.5A and 3A) as they will actually power up the printer and its display if the printer main power issue off but ABT is connected and powered…once main power comes on I presume the printer electronics are powered from there as they will power up with no USB connection too…


Hi @Darren_DeVecchio, we have more improvements in the internal comms channel that should further stabilized this. Perhaps you can change to the Beta update channel in software advanced settings (in the web ui) and try them out.

We’re still testing some of this before releasing it to everybody.