Mirror Function?

I’m new to astroprint and am not liking the slicing software. I’m used to using cura and am used to having more control. I can’t seem to find the mirror function at the moment and am totally frustrated with this software and the inability to migrate any cura gcode. Is there a mirror function that I am missing?

I’m sorry for your frustration, our software is ahead in some areas and Cura is ahead is some others. Nothing is perfect.

Take a look at our desktop software for more control on object placement and print bed management. Note that we offer the same level of control as Cura . However our slicer is still based on Cura 1 so you might miss some options as compared with the newest Cura 3.

We’re working on two things that will help you:

  1. we’re working on bringing Cura 3 features to our software.

  2. we’re working on supporting GCODE files generated by external slicers in our cloud system.

I hope those things make it less frustrating.

I am using the desktop slicer and that’s why I’m asking if there’s a mirror function or not.

Ok, it helps to mention which is out prodcts is giving you trouble. We don’t yet have a mirror function.