Monoprice success?

I have the Monoprice 3D dual extruder, which I’ve read is a clone of the Flashforge Creator X / Makerbot Replicator 1 Dual. So far I’ve been unable to even send a straight .x3g file to the printer using the Astrobox (loaded on my Pi2). It seems to change the file instead of passing it through. For example, I specify right extruder, and it uses the left one.

Also, the software has settings for multiple extruders, but all the controls and graphics show just one at a time.

My third issue is that I tried to slice a file via the cloud slicer (Slic3r) and it ignores my choice for the heated print bed temp. I set it to 70 and it stays at zero when the print actually happens.

I’d love to use this but so far I can’t rely on it!

We don’t fully support dual extenders yet. The control screen has limited support for extruding from different extruders.

We do not modify the x3g code if you upload it directly to the box so I can’t understand the change of extruder…

Regarding the slicing problem. Where do you set your bed temp?

Thanks for the quick response! I saw the settings for dual extruder and thought that it was in place. I will wait for the next release for that.

The extruder change has happened twice, but I need to try it with the new firmware. Is any x3g code added maybe? If I can turn on any logging, I’ll be happy to.

I set the bed temp when I send the file to the printer via the AstroBox interface. I’ll do it tonight after work and get the precise steps detailed, but it’s where you set the extruder and bed temperature for a cloud slicer build.