More connection issues

This seems to happen to me every couple of days… I try to connect to my printer via astroprint and the space monkey says sorry, you don’t have an astrobox. So I switch to my astrobox hotspot and I can connect, move the print bed, see the camera image but I cannot upload a Gcode file to the astrobox. I go back to my Home server which is just a couple feet away and try astroprint again and space monkey says sorry… I use the Recommended usb dongle and usually it works fine. I always shut the astrobox down with the close button. This is very frustrating, am I the only one suffering these issues? Eventually the stars usually align and it starts working. That hasn’t happened yet today

Your description suggest problems connecting to the internet / wifi router. Is it possible that you have two access points and the box is configure to use the one further away? Or maybe your wifi access point is just too far for the pi wifi to access?

The router, printer, raspberry pi, and computer are all nearby next room and good signal strength. I can see and connect to my wifi as well as the astrobox at my mac and can even manipulate the printer via the astrobox. What I cannot seem to do is connect via astroprint (cloud) and I also get an error when I try to load a gcode file thru astrobox. Though I can print the same file via SD card.

Not sure what you mean by 2 access points, I have only one wifi router, the only other connection I can see is the astrobox.

Some people have different access points. Like one for each floor of the house.

Your problems are likely network related. Poor wifi signal or loosing internet connectivity. Can you try a wired connection for a while to rule out wifi?

I cannot connect via wire easily as the computer and the printer are not in the same room, though only about 10’ feet separated. The wifi signal is strong and I can connect via astrobox.local and even manipulate the printer. I just cannot load gcode files that way. I’m thinking that the sd card with Astro has been corrupted somehow. Another thing, I always use the disconnect button in astrobox but sometimes it goes to sleep just fine and other times it gives me an error when disconnecting.
I think I’ll pick up another sd card and reflash Astro.

Turns out that is what happened, I got a new SD card though I probably didn’t need a new one and reflashed astroprint. It seems that the shutdown button is not clean 100% of the time. Sometimes it simply puts the raspberry to sleep and I power it down after the USB dongle stops flashing but other times I get an error message after selecting shutdown which says something like “error while starting shutdown”. When that happens, there is nothing left to do but power it off anyway because there is no way to recover. Then it seems about a 50-50 that something will be corrupted and you have to go the whole process of reflashing and starting from scratch. A real pain…

Im getting the same thing. It never powers down correctly and always errors out.

Yes it’s quite a pain in the A$$. Is there a fix in the wind astroprint? I find that powerdown only works about 25% of the time.

Yes. 0.10(8) corrects this issue. We expect to release it on Monday