Move from astrobox to touch

I would like to move from my astrobox to an astrobox touch. Is there any way to move stuff like printer settings and print g-codes from my current astrobox to the new Touch if I buy the software?


Only what’s on the cloud will move with your account. What’s on the box can’t be moved as the software is different. You can’t simply “upgrade”

Thanks for the reply. I was able to put the SD card in a linux machine and find the folder with all the print files and download them. I very seldom use the cloud side of the service. I don’t have very good luck with the slicer. So I slice and upload the gcode. And one or two of the files I had lost other than the one astro box. It would be nice to have the option to download the file back from the astrobox.

Yes we will be adding file download in the near future.

BTW, you can still use the cloud with files sliced elsewhere. You can upload your gcode files.