Multiple users accounts

Hi I am getting things setup. I may just need some guidance.

My goal is to have my printer shared with my family.
What I thought: I though I could have one astrobox connected to the printer and each user would have their own astroprint account and connect to the printer. I could centraly manage things like filiments etc.

It seems I can only use one astroprint account and one printer. Is this correct ?
is there a way to do group account management (I can see that being useful in a school setting as well as in a family) ?

Thanks again for all the help
Im sorry for all the noob questions.



Yup. You are correct.

The multi user functionality might be possible when our API becomes public in the future — or perhaps that could be a premium feature.

Dunno yet.

Good news is that since it is your family, the need for ‘strict control’ is less of a need than if you were a librarian trying to setup access controls for his/her 3D Printer.

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We are working on queuing and printer sharing. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Would be really cool to allow people to view your camera / print status without having a link or having to have an account. I know many times I like to share my print status with my friends, but they dont need access to my printer controls.

Is this possible at all now?


Not yet – perhaps in the future.


This would be awsome actualy. Printer sharing would be insanely usefull if you have like one office printer and one at home that you dont want on the same account.

Whats the point in having a que if its stocked and managed by one account?
If we where to use this at our company, how would this work with one account?
I would prefer if there is another account type which only had (on permisson) access to uploading files and adding it to que.

This is something that we’re planning to implement. At the moment though you need to share the account. Queuing helps prioritize jobs. The access is based on trust between the users at the moment. We use the system that way in our office.

Having said that, we understand that this needs improvement and it will be done.

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Did multiuser get implemented?
I need to share monitoring to my dev users!

Yes, it’s this product:

My daughter and I each have a printer and we would like to cross share.
Is there a way to do that?

Without having a commercial license? These are personal printers NOT used in commercial efforts.