Need some help with some networking issues


I am trying to set up my network so I can access my Astrobox remotely for full control.
I am trying to set up a static IP address and port forwarding using my Netgear router… All of the help and online tutorials I am finding are assuming a person already knows how to do all of this. Can anybody give me a hand. I need a step my step guide on setting up a static IP address and port forwarding.
My set up
Robo 3d R1+
Raspberry Pi 3 with Astro print on my local network
Netgear Night Hawk AC 1900 router.


If you’re familiar with Linux networking, you can use the instructions here to control the network of the box:


I have never touched Linux before. I thought this could all be done through my router settings…
At least the static IP. every time I turn on my Astro box the IP changes…


You can do that via the router but this forum isn’t the place to help you with that. What you need to do is using the router UI, find out the MAC address of the pi and instruct the router to always give the same IP to that MAC address. I wouldn’t know how to do that in your router though.