Need to restart service to get page to update

Ever since recent updates (~20.2?) the Utilities page won’t update temperatures and print progress unless I manually refresh the page. Printing, temperature changes, etc work properly.

However, if I restart the Astrobox service after the initial boot, it operates normally. I’ve tried to reinstall and update several times, always with the same result. I’ve also tried on several browsers, including Safari and Chrome. Any suggestions? Thanks.

With Daniel’s help, I determined the cause of the problem. The Astrobox service starts before system time is set properly and this messes up the page updates. I have no idea why system time is initially coming up in GMT and then changes to PDT about 15 seconds later, but adding a delay before the service is allowed to start seems to be a reliable workaround.

I’ll post more here if I learn anymore or come up with a proper fix.

Is it possible that your astrobox has PDT as its timezone? Our image is pre-configured to be GMT to be consistent but maybe you or some other software changed it ?

I’ve seen something similar too…box not updating…and I do think my pi is set for PST…Iam going to look into it further too. I really don’t want to use GMT…I much prefer dates and times be local.

Yes, I changed the time zone to PT. Since my workaround is working, I’ll leave it for now unless some other problem develops. Thanks.

How do you delay service startup?

I hesitate to give detailed instructions since this is a bit of a kluge. In general, I inserted a Sleep 30 line before the AstroBox startup command in /etc/init.d/astrobox. Daniel’s preferred way to fix this is to leave the time zone set to GMT.

understood and thanks…I use the date and time as I often upload variations with similar names and having the correct date and time stamp helps differenciate models. I could move to GMT but it would be a pain.