Network Problems with latest image on Raspberry Pi 1


I have been using Astroprint for years and loving it. Now all of a sudden my raspberry pi 1 with dongle that has always works just stopped showing up on the network. So I figured the image got corrupted. I redownload the software and still nothing. I downloaded it again on a new pi with a new dongle that I know worked in the past and still nothing. Any ideas?


Not sure @Ethan_Steckmann, I would recommend that you connect using cable and send us logs so we can see what’s going on. I haven’t heard this before and the image has been out for a while. Admittedly no very many people use the RPi 1.


When you say a cable do you mean an Ethernet cable? Because I have tried that and it does not correct to the network that way either.

Is there any way to download and test and order version?


Did you flash the image with Etcher? if so, did you use the verify option?


I did use Etcher and it passed verification.


Ok, then I recommend getting in with a monitor and run the following commands:

sudo nmcli con


I plugged in a monitor and when it asks for the user name I type “pi” enter and it just freezes up.


It should ask for the password. If it doesn’t there’s a bigger problem. Broken Pi, corrupted SD Card, perhaps


I did that and it says

Lo no wireless extensions

Eth0 no wireless extensions


In that case your WiFi USB dongle is either broken or not being recognized.


Well I switched over to Octoprint and it is working perfectly on WiFi. The Astroprint plugin is not nearly as good so hopeful its a software bug that can be fixed. Thanks for all the quick responses!


@Ethan_Steckmann, how did you configure your network with OctoPrint?


I edited the text file.


Have you tried this method to setup your AstroBox?


I have a similar issue. I am running a Pi 1.0 and Printrbot Maker Edition. I downloaded the latest image yesterday (9/16/2018). When I booted the Pi the correct lights blinked but I can’t see it on the network. I connected the Pi to a monitor and keyboard and everything booted fine. I ran some tests and was able to verify the the wireless on my Pi is working fine. When I run ifconfig I got an unresolved host error. When I tried ip route it showed the linkdown. That was the ip address Astrobox used to use. Below is a screen grab.


I am also having this problem because of the update on Sept 12


I do not know it this is the same problem but on my custom build for BeagleBone and “chinese wifi dongle” I aslo had issues with connecting to the wifi…
I configured /etc/network/interfaces adding all wifi data but after reboot it was still offline. In my case, restart of wpa_supplicant helped
$ps aux | grep wpa
$ifup wlan0

So, I added it to wpa_supplicant start service and now it works again :smiley:
I also had to set astrobox config to use manual network connection


It appears that some drivers are not able to change the scanning Mac Address and this might be causing this.

Try adding this to the file at /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and reboot.



Thank you for the information.