New Astrobox purchased from Astroprint wont connect

I just received my Astrobox from Astroprint Store. Set it up as directed…plugged in the WiFI dongle, connected the astrobox to my new CR-10 and even plugged in my webcam in the hopes it would recognize it. I go to wifi settings on my phone and it shows “Astrobox-1195”. So, I connect to it on my Android phone’s wifi. It connects but the current network then says Internet may not be available. I go back to the astroprint app and and hit “Printers” on the dashboard and it just keeps telling me “No Printers Found, but don’t worry, we’ll keep looking”. Any help?

I had to change to a slower speed in set up and after that it connects all the time now

You’re connected to the boxe’s hotspot which is only used for setup. This hotspot does not have internet connection nor would it publish the box on your network. You need to connect the box to your network, then reboot. At that point you will be able to see it both in your local network and in the cloud if you provided it with an account. More info here: