New Design Library


Like the new design library…I have a couple questions/comments/requests

I can see my library has gotten quite cluttered…is there a way to move and more important delete
multiple files…I have tried what I thought was the obvious ways to select multiples but so far no luck.

Would it be possible/reasonable to add a file upload type? Specifically I would like to be able to upload text files or more precisely, openscad files to my projects so that I could keep the the design source files with the STL files and the various g-code files all in one place…I realize that in some cases source files are not practical for upload but being text files openscad files are pretty small…usually less than the G-Code, so just adding the .scad file type might be reasonable and prevent uploads of other more massive file types.

And in the vein of users are never satisfied … I know ‘traditionally’ ‘designs’ are pretty much STL files which are then associated with G-Code and that makes sense, however I would almost prefer either another level of abstraction where a ‘design’ contained an STL and a Source File and some number of G-Code files…really it probably isn’t another level but rather a change in how a design is called (get rid of the .stl) and then a drop down or a indented line for the source file while the g-code files are shown in a list like now…there would need to be a way to upload the stl and source file mentioned above and a way to download the source similar to how the STL is downloaded now.

Thanks for the Updates…I really do appreciate all the hard work…

P.S. not to be greedy but I would also love it if G-code was synced back from the AstoBox to the web…this would make uploading G-code to the web from third part slicers that support direct octoprint uploads to get gcode to the web for storage and filling much easier…right now I click from slicer to upload to the astrobox and start a print…with the new Design manager I think I would have to save the gcode to my local computer, go to the web the upload the gcode then if desired print it this is assuming the G-code is associated with some previously created ‘design/STL’…maybe a column for external G-Codes that sorta mirrored what is stored on the AB card that could then be associated with designs or projects and copied up to the cloud design library…I know I can still do it the way I have been but that method is not nicely integrated with the nice new cloud design library as I would like.


Thanks for your feedback. We’ll be taking it into account as we push the product further