New york, new york

A place to meet , talk, ask questions , bounce ideas around and get printing.

cr10s - prusa mini
plenty of pla , pla+, petg, tpu , and some abs

you can find stl files on many sites - prusa thingiverse myminifactory yeggi and more an more

other ways u can help - you can donate your computer time to help search a cure

kind of like nasa had seti well this site is for the virus and man many other cures

Are you the coordinator Elf?
I have 2 FDM Printers, Folgertech FT5 (300x300mm build volume), and FT6 (720x350x400mm). I also have about 15KG of PET-G, Around 30KG of PLA, and some other random spools of different materials. (Closet full of filament). Printers are modified for a large range of filaments and print modalities.
I have a small Resin Printer and about 6KG of Tough Resin and 1KG of Castable for High detailed prints.
I also have a 5KG aluminum foundry/furnace and sand casting capabilites.
Let me know if you need assistance.

hello shane, no im not. thtats what i was looking for some1 here . but then again this will still serve as a place to have people get in toch with eachother, im sure some1 will chime in and give a hand, or trade ideas and other links . the more thats out there the better it is
thank you for your time and post , lets hope alot of others will join in sooner or later and give us ideas where, what is needed !! again the links i posted above will help many find what they need

Hi! My name is Isabella and I am a part of #SavetheFrontline that connects healthcare workers in NYC and Long Island who need PPE with people who want to help and donate PPE. We are specifically focusing on vulnerable, public hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics, and we need help fulfilling face shield requests. Please let me know if we could further connect. Our website is also: