No camera over web


Everything works great on my local net but if I leave home and connect over the internet the camera will not work. What did I miss?


Is your Astrobox paired/connected with your cloud account?

If yes, what happens if you go to the camera app in your cloud account and attempt to see a visual?


Works through cloud. Just not when I connect through ip. I have a static ip so it never changes.


Why are you trying to access your Astrobox with an IP address when it is paired with your cloud account and you can access the camera?

The Astrobox is NOT meant to be accessed via an IP address over the public internet.

Due to security issues among other things.

It defeats the purpose of connecting it to the cloud.

The reason you cannot access it is likely due to Port forwarding not being setup on your router - but, I certainly DO NOT recommend that you forward ports to access the Astrobox directly from the public internet.


Ok I will use the cloud. Thank you.