No streaming on mobile devices?


Hey guys!,

I’m using astrobox from today, and I like it so far, altough I think a lot misses.

But now I’ve come against something that really is a bug? On my desktop, the video streaming is perfect, but on my mobile devices (phone and ipad) the photo streaming works, but when I turn it to video it just stays a black screen, even after hitting the camera button multiple times. Is this normal?



That is not a bug. It’s the state of things with WebRTC, the technology that allows us to offer live streaming at no cost to our users.

More info here:


If it isn’t working, it is a bug right? Maybe not in astroprint, but in WebRTC then. Streaming is working half of the time…


@Andreas1 There’s a difference between a bug and a feature not implemented in my opinion. When a feature is implemented but doesn’t work as expected, it’s a bug. We do have some bugs in streaming video being corrected for 0.10(2).

However if Apple has not yet implemented WebRTC for Safari on iOS device, it’s not a bug. It’s a missing feature.


I’m using Google chrome 62.0.3202.52 and it doesn’t work, VP8 neither H.264


@Albert android or iOS?



As someone involved with software development, i get into this argument all the time… what is a bug and what is an ‘enhancement’. Expectation setting is a huge challenge.

Users see something that isn’t working as a ‘bug’ because they expect it to work… Developers see it as something that isn’t broken so not a bug.
I’ve always thought we needed another category… Your description works quite well and i think i’m going to steal it… ‘Missing Feature NOT implemented’… Nice


I’m using Android, and I have trired it on Android 7 (Oneplus 5), 5 (BQ Edison 3) and 6 (BQ Aquaris E5). I was curious because it didn’t work on 3 devices, so I thought it must be the raspberry. I re-flashed the img and configured all again, but it doesn’t work…


Honestly I don’t know. What we know is explained here: It’s very likely not due to the image but the phone(s)

Android phones are very varied. Some don’t have H264 decoder and need your video to be in VP8 format.


I’ve been testing streaming on others browsers, explaining it very simple: seems that in Android, firefox (stable) works sometimes, but firefox dev and beta works everytime, so in some weeks with a new update for firefox stable comming from beta, it will work definetly.


I know this is an old topic, but just thought I’d add that I get a similar error using Chrome on an iPhone while trying to stream video. The error message says/thinks I am using Safari, but I’m not. Still pictures work fine, as does Chrome from my PC.


On iOS all apps use the safari engine underrneath, it’s a limitation of the platform. The chrome and ff apps use their own UI but have no choice but to use the safari rendering engine thus having the same problems and limitations as the native Safari browser itself.

Having said that if you’re running iOS 11, this problem should be resolved


I wasn’t aware of that about safari, good to know… I’m running iOS 10 so I now have a good reason to upgrade. Thanks Daniel!


Yes. Apple finally added WebRTC to Safari in iOS 11.


Hi Daniel,

I still unable to get WebRTC to work under iOS 11.2.6. What version of iOS 11 that you were able to get streaming to work?


It should work on that one. What exactly happens ?


I don’t know.

All I get is Unable to start the WebRTC session when I hit the video button. Then on the Video screen, I get Video Error. I am running AstroPrint v0.11 (23) on a raspberry pi 3.