No video stream?

Got this up and running with no problem using the OctoPrint Plugin, except that I see no video stream, just periodic captures. Am I being very slow this morning or is there no video stream available?

Unfortunately video stream outside of your local network is not available with OctoPrint. This is due to limitation with the OctoPrint Video system.

Ah. So that would explain it then. On the other hand the OctoPrint Anywhere plugin manages to stream video to outside of the local network so I guess it is possible.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m pretty sure that by opening up your network and sharing the OP socket with the outside world. We don’t do it like that. We use WebRTC for live streaming, OP doesn’t even do proper video. It uses a rapid succession of JPEG photos to emulate movement, this is extremely bandwidth inefficient.

For this and other reasons, our system can’t support live streaming from an OP instance.

I’m on the same network as my Octopi setup, and yet still can’t see the video in either Chrome or the app.

You can’t see video from the AstroPrint cloud even if you are on the same network because the cloud uses WebRTC which octoprint doesn’t support.

While on the same network, just go to the octoprint web UI to see the live stream.

In the app it will work as long as the app can see the octoprint box in the network as shown by a green local network icon. A lot of times the box can only be seen via the cloud which again octoprint’s video system won’t support.

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