Not getting Layer info

Greetings! I am running 2 instances of OctoPrint on a spare Windows 10 laptop after following these awesome tutorials from Chris Riley…

Part 1: Octoprint On Windows - Print Farm Server - Chris’s Basement
Part 2: Octoprint on Windows - 2 - Adding Cameras - Chris’s Basement

…and it’s working great. I did have the issue with the box-id being the same and that caused it to “flap” between the 2 printers, but deleting the box-id file on the second one and restarting the service fixed that. However, I noticed that I no longer have the layer info showing, see pic below.

Any thoughts?


Our GCodeAnalyzer software only runs on raspberry pi at the moment. We don’t “officially” support Windows OctoPrint Installations. They do work for the most part but some things (such as the one you describe here) won’t be perfect.

Have same issue but also if I’m on my wifi I get the progress bar if I’m just on cellular in the app I get no progress bar no layer results either way. I just updated to the latest plug in running on a raspberry pi 3b with the latest octoprint 0.16

Also in the web view I get no data except that it’s printing and the webcam image. but no time, layer, or progress bar

@Johnathen_Hopkins this isn’t the same issue. Your OctoPrint instance has a problem connecting to our servers, take a look at the logs to see if you find any errors