Not printing in center, Cant see printer when off network


Hey all,

Love the product and would be happy to pay for it if I can get it working. I kinda feel this is like Plex for 3D printers lol.

So the two issues I’m having is that its not printing the center of the bed. It’s an Anet A8 that’s been converted to an AM8. So maybe I need to tweek the settings some? and where do I find these settings?

The other thing, and maybe not so like Plex at all lol. I cant seem to control the printer when off network. Is it like Plex, or more traditional port forwarding and can I please get a link to the guide?



Forget the second part!!! I found it :slight_smile:

Not printing in the center is still a thing though :frowning:


HAHA, no no, It doesn’t work.

So its saying that I need to be on the same network to use printer control. How can I set up secure access a la Plex Connect?

Also, there is a preview for camera, but it doesn’t work, either via the mobile app or web?

Thanks all