Not showing up Astrobox network


Hi, Problem is I’m not seeing astrobox network in my phone or laptop. I’m using RPI B+, Edimax wifi dongle, 5v 2.5 Amp power adaptor, etcher image flasher, Samsung 8gb class 6 micro sd card. I did try following things both on Ubuntu and windows.

  1. Flashed astroprint image 0.13(6) multiple times.
  2. Waited more than half an hour to get the network.
  3. Changed sd card with 16gb class 10 lexar SD card
  4. Changed wifi router channel from 11 to 13
  5. Flashed both SD cards again using windows 10
  6. Powered from laptop
  7. Replaced wifi dongle
  8. Downloaded astrobox image again and tried

After doing all above with no success I’m in need of your help, please let me know where I’m going wrong. Wifi dongle if connected to laptop it is working fine. Also wifi dongle blue led is blinking when connected to RPI but network not showing up. Waiting for your reply, thank you


Hmm, this is super confusing because it appears that you are doing everything right.

The only thing I can think of is — did you check whether the HOTSPOT FEATURE is turned on in the AstroBox Settings page?

If you can’t log into the AstroBox via the WiFi hotspot, you can connect it to your local network via Ethernet, login in, then double check to make sure the HOTSPOT function is turned on.

Can you try that?


Thank you for your suggestion, I checked it, says “Hotspot is not available for your device”