Nozzle Temp Set to 0 Bed Temp Set to 85

When I send a job to the printer, Astroprint sets the temperature of the nozzle to zero and the bed to 85. It has the sliders there, but dragging them or entering a number just snaps them back to their original values. I have the profile for the filament set to 210 at nozzle & 60 on the bed. If I use the Rambo screen to set the temperatures manually, the print will start normally once the temp I set is achieved.

When I use Matter Controller from my computer, it doesn’t have any issues and goes to the correct temp and starts print right away without me having to make any changes on the printer itself.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

I have the exact same issue with a Weedo Tina2s. Have you been able to fix this?