Octopi Plugin issues

So i am having an issue where i cannot fully link my octopi with my astro print account. i had it running before but i needed to refresh my pi because i messed up with the access to the SD card. And now the new flash of octopi and the octoprint plugin for astroprint don’t seem to be communicating. i can kinda see the printer on my phone app saying that it isn’t plugged in (this could be its link to the old printer) and on the website it doesn’t come up at all. I have tried to disconnect the permission of the of the plug in and uninstall it but neither seem to fully take. i wonder in i need to reflash again or is there a fix the issue

Set up:
Raspberry Pi 3 B +
Octopi 1.3.8
Astroprint Plugin 1.0.11
Monoprice mini select v2

never mind it just magically connected, but i can only access still images on my desktop while connected locally. i am using a playstation eye connected via usb. i can see the video via Octoprint but not on astroprint, i can only snap shot.

This is the way it’s supposed to work. Octoprint doesn’t support webrtc to deliver video across networks in a cost-efficient manner so we can only transmit photos.

You can see video ( while in the same network ) using our mobile app.