Octopi plugin vs Astrobox

I have installed octoprint on my raspberry pi. I’m using the Astroprint plugin, and found that I prefer Astroprint over octoprint. Are there any advantages of re-flashing my pi with Astroprint, or will it be the same to just continue using the plugin?

The cloud works the same with both with the exception of live stream. With the OctoPrint plugin due to limitations on the OctoPrint system, we can’t offer out of network live streams. We offer still pictures across network and live stream when in the same network.

Ok, thanks for the reply. The only reason for me to continue with octopi, is the support for apple watch :wink: Haven’t found this on Astroprint.

If you install the astroprint app available in the Apple and Play Store, you can get notifications when your print jobs end on your phone or watch. That’s currently the extend of our support.