Octoprint and printer name mapping

Hello, I have a Robo 3D R1 and A Velleman K8200, both with their own OctoPrint server attached. [2 Raspberry Pi’s, one on each printer]. I added each printer and a material for each in AstroPrint cloud.
I put the same API key in each Octoprints AstroPrint plugin. I upload my gcode to print in Astrocloud but it says it doesn’t know where I want to print and shows a list of OctoPrint and a second OctoPrint in the list to select.
By guessing I found the 1st one in the list is mapped to the Robo and the 2nd is the K8200. Is there a way to have them listed like I set them in printer profiles in AstroPrint? I also have them listed as the only printer in OctoPrint so it seems it would pick that up. Thanks in advance.

I just realized this may be based on the hostname of the raspberry pi so I will change them and update tomorrow.

Yes, initially it is but you can change it from the plugin tab.

Awesome! Thank you Daniel.

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Vielen lieben Dank!!! Ich hatte das gleiche Problem und sie haben mir geholfen!

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