OctoPrint Error " Un-matched devices"

I installed the AstroPrint Cloud plugin from the plugin manager on OctoPi. I add the API key and I connect without any issues. I can see my files from within OctoPrint.

The issue I am having is in AstroPrint when I attempt to print a job, I get an “Un-matched devices” error. I have both printers named the same “octopi” and I even have both profiles named the same “OctoPrint”

When I click the Print button anyways, I get a “Your print failed to start. Please try again. Invalid file extension” error. I know the print files are fine because I can print the same files with no issues using AstroPrint Desktop.

When I attempt to print using the AstroPrint plugin within OctoPrint, I get “Error retrieving Design. there was an error retrieving print file, please try again later.”

@Daniel I am really hoping you can help me out with this. I have been working on this for a minute and almost want to give up. I would just use AstroPrint without OctoPrint, but they have some other plugins I really want to take advantage of. The Spaghetti Detector is the one I am most excited about. But need to get the basics working first.