"Online", but "Not operational"

I have an astrobox that lost power and when it came back up it doesn’t work. From the webportal (Astroprint.com dashboard) I can see it online, but is says “Not operational”. I can also monitor the camera from here, but I can’t log onto the local webpage, or use the astrobox at all.

Not operational means it has no printer connected to it. Please open a ticket with us to troubleshoot further your connection problem

I just burned a new image in the SD card, and set it back up again :smiley:
That’s the beauty of the system, so easy to set up, I was back and running in like 15 minutes lol. Took longer to burn the image than to be printing again.

Mine does this occasionally on both Ultimaker 2+, I just reconnect the USB and starts working again.

i have a octopi + astroprint plugin and mine says this too, i dont know what is happening