Online Print STL Editor


In order before Print, object to adjust the Print on the plate.
Cool would be several objects to adjust
For example (see picture)


+1. I’ve seen many prints where the orientation is wrong, or I would like to scale the print…


I would even settle for a summary that shows the size and position of the print form the top down, so I can move it by a simple offset and/or scale it.


Definitely hear you guys. This is important for us and it’ll get done. In the interim we do have a release that’ll show you dimensions and will alert ( and give you the option to auto scale ) if the object doesn’t fit in the bed.

Rotation is coming next.

Thanks for your patience !


Hello! I am wondering if there is any update to the ability to reorient a part STL within AstroPrint? Thanks!


Any progress on orientation features?


I’d really like to see this as well. Any updates?


I know it’s not exactly what you guys are waiting for but have you seen the integration with did with 3D SLASH? Use the “Open with…” option in your design menu. 3D SLASH is a fun way to edit STL using a Minecraft style interface. It’s great to get kids started on 3D Design.

Having said that, the STL rotation, scale and move app is under development. Sorry it’s taking so long but a few things got in front.


No worries, I for one am happy with al the working that goes into AB I just wish there was more sooner lol


3D SLASH is very cool… my 8 year old son is a serious minecraft player and he took right to it and was making stuff within minutes.


This is awesome. Exactly why we partnered with 3D Slash as one of the first apps on the platform


What workaround do I need to do to get orientation right now? I just signed up and ran into a brick wall when I found out there was no orientation.

Things like “lay flat” and “center object” are absolutely essential. I generate my STL from OpenScad and there is no easy way to orient the part that needs printing without doing calculations on every print job.

If I have to put the stl in cura, orient it, and save it back out, then I might as well just use Cura.

Does anyone know if octoprint can orient?

Edit: Oops, I didn’t see that this was an old thread. I will look for a newer thread. Can someone give me a quick answer about the status of orientation?


In case anyone cares, I found a half-decent workaround for orientation. I go from my openscad into tinkercad, fix the orientation, and save it back to open in astroprint. It’s an extra step but you can get in and out of tinkercad pretty fast and everything is still online.

Of course orientation in astroprint is still my top complaint.


We are working on a solution as we speak!

Stay tuned! :wink:


can you tell me a rough date?


Nope. Hard to predict.


ANY NEWS ON THIS TOPIC, do you have a solution to rotate the STL objects???


There’s going to be some announcements very soon :slight_smile:


Any updates on this?


Yes, we released this: