Philadelphia - Pennsylvania - USA

Hello Astroprint-ers! As the spread of COVID-19 continue to spread across the country, healthcare and other essential companies are finding themselves in shortage of basic tools and hardware they need to protect themselves and others while continuing to do the work that is required of them. As 3D printers, we can help relieve this demand by printing parts and hardware that they need to keep themselves and others around them safe. Join our Philadelphia “cluster” to help us produce these items and get them to those in need. Myself and others will be here to support and help manage this as we progress. This forum will serve as a primary communication spot for everyone involved in this project, coordinators, printers, and drivers!

We will be providing this fact sheet with every drop off of Face Masks. Please see the link below on the assembly & disinfect guide.

I am in the Pittsburgh area. I can only print PLA because that is all I have. I see you need surgical mask straps. I am starting to print the ones on the list. Where do I send them when they are done?

I have a bunch done can you give me an address to send them to?

I found the address on the drop off location I will mail them to you.

Hello Trevor, I am the regional Coordinator for the Bucks County/ Eastern PA cluster and was just recently notified by my counties Emergency Operations Center that there is no more need for the PPE items that I am printing. I was wondering if you were in contact with any healthcare facilities in your area with a need for for face shields or ear savers, I’d be more than happy to ship what I have and coming prints to these facilities.