Pi 7" Touch Screen Install?

I see some posts of where AstroPrint has been installed,but anyone have a step by step for the Pi 7"?

actually if you are using the official raspberry pi 7" then just follow the install directions for it using the astrobox image and it works well, getting a decent onscreen keyboard isn’t as straightforward though

Ok,thanks.I’m waiting on support for the PI 3,so I wasn’t aware that there was instructions for it during the install.Appreciate it.

there isn’t you follow the directions from the raspberry pi website, you install the touchscreen after you install raspberry pi

Ok,ill look into it.Thanks

Ok,I still can’t get it to work with the touchscreen. I have installed the image and everything works on the web gui,but nothing on the touchscreen.

What steps am I missing? I have done sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. Do I need to install raspbian or something else?

Hi @Kev7274,
did you ever get this figured out?