Please Streamline the Interface; Remove banners and pop ups



  1. I understand that the new slicer setup is important, but between that banner and the “Buy an Astrobox Touch” Banner, and the new “Match your print to your printer” it just get’s too damn cluttered and multi step to use. Especially on a mobile device. Please consider a way to have notifications be dismiss-able account wide once. I only have one printer, so matching a print to the printer because I use an external slicer is another step that’s annoying. I understand it’s a useful tool if you have multiple, but for those of us without multiple printers, please find a way to make that a setting toggle to turn off the prompt for matching prints to printers.

  2. I would also like an Option to place a shortcut to my Astrobox directly on my Dashboard rather than having to click monitor first.

Thank you,